Sunday School Classes


ASK class is an adult Bible study exploring difficult topics utilizing faith-based resources authored by respected Christian scholars. Our focus is understanding our Lord’s purpose in developing a Christ-centered life.

Children’s Sunday School

Proverbs 22:6, “Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.” We believe that learning about Jesus and the Christian faith has a positive impact on a child’s entire life. We seek to teach children, pre-k through 5th grade, the way of Jesus. We do this through Bible lessons, music, crafts, play time and individual interactions with each child.

New Hope

The NEW HOPE Sunday School Class is an active, Bible-studying group of men and women ranging in age from young 30’s to young 80’s.   This class includes people who are active leaders in service, leadership, and activities of the church. New Hope warmly welcomes all who visit or join this fun-loving group of people with servant hearts.

Class members participate in the worship services, ministries of the church, the Food Bank, links in the church prayer chain, supporting missions, and holding monthly Sunday school classes at the nursing home.  They also participate in seasonal study groups, encourage fellowship and hospitality among the congregation, and provide generous love and support whenever and wherever it is needed.

New Hope was chosen as the name of the class because every morning begins another day in renewed hope with faith in our Lord and Savior.  There is a place at our round table for anyone wanting to study the Word, laugh and cry together, share joys and concerns, and love each other with the love of the Lord.

Junior High Class

Students in grades 6-8 are welcome to be a part of our Junior High Sunday School Class.  Our lessons are Bible-based and use common, every day events that occur in the lives of kids in this age group for discussion.  We look to the Bible to help us find possible answers and examples for what they experience today.  Part of our time together is used for sharing and catching up on what’s going on in their “real world.

Senior High Class

The Senior High Sunday School class is designed for high school students in 9-12 grades.  Students are encouraged to join us in a casual atmosphere that focuses on applying the Bible to everyday lives.  Discussion and sharing differing points of view are an integral part of the class.  We begin and end our time together sharing what’s currently going on in everyone’s life.

Wesley Fellowship Men’s class

The Wesley class emphasizes Christian fellowship and uses a variety of study materials to develop our understanding and ability to live as Christian men in today’s world.


Meeting each Sunday morning for over half a Century, Win One Sunday School Class  ladies study the Bible and discuss how it relates to our current lives and times.  Through the years many wonderful members have set examples of service and generosity that class members still strive to follow.  While members tend to be older, all are welcome to this loving, mutually supportive group.