May 2017


First United Methodist Church

Hughes Springs, Texas

Volume 5
Pastor Bill Laubenberg
May 2017
Editor Debbie Kelley

from the pastor

As we all are aware, Pastor Bill spent the night in the hospital last Wednesday. He was released on Thursday with doctor’s order to rest.

 He is following doctors today, so he will not be writing an article for the month’s issue of the newsletter.

 Pastor Bill is doing better this morning. He is following orders so he can have a complete recovery.

 Please continue to pray for Pastor Bill.

Men’s Breakfast

scrambled and baconMen’s Breakfast met on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. There were 25 guests and 5 men from our church cooking a great breakfast!

Pastor Bill delivered a great message!!

We meet again on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 6:30 am. Come on out and enjoy a great meal. Bring a friend.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Larry Cannon

This breakfast is open to all MEN from anywhere, any denomination and friends.

prayer large Please remember to call the Church Secretary’s office to add or remove anyone from our prayer list that is printed each week.

Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Mission: Donations accepted. Please see or call Mavis Boyd for information: 903-588-0280


they are scary

call the office

If your organization or committee has an event to be held at or sponsored by the church, please call the secretary’s office at 903-639-2131, so it can be placed on the calendar, in the bulletin and in the newsletter.

This will help prevent double bookings at the church.

We will be glad to include a listing of your church meeting or activity in the newsletter, but remember that Debbie must have the information before the first of the month in order to have it in the newsletter.

bible study

Come one; come all to hear the word of God and to learn from it. There are two different classes, one at 10 am and one at 6 pm. Our first study this year is on the Gospel of Matthew. Come join us on the journey through the Gospel as we discover the messages it has for us.

Pastor Bill

food basket

Proverbs teaches us:  “The righteous considers the cause of the poor.” (Proverbs 29:7)   This mission project continues to reach those in our community who have a need.  We served over 50 clients on the warm spring day in April.  We are beginning to focus on the changes to our distribution process beginning in July.  We are notifying our clients the times will change from the morning to 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.   We will continue to serve on the third Thursday of each month.   Some clients told us they actually prefer the afternoon distribution time.  We hope to make the transition to our new process as smooth for our clients, as well as our faithful volunteers.

Lyn Baker

Food Pantry Transition


Last month, I spoke about forming a Pantry Board to guide the pantry as it moves forward. As we move forward in this ministry to our community, there will be some changes. The board will consist of two members of Hughes Springs, two members from Cornett: (Cliff Smith and Betty Thomas) and the pastor.

This group needs to be in place now. If you feel called to help in this, contact the church office, Pastor Bill, or Lyn Baker.

                                      Pastor Bill



If you are scheduled to enter a hospital please let the church office know. Need name of hospital, city and date of check in. This will help Pastor Bill be able to be with you in your time of need.

If you or a family member is unexpectedly admitted to the hospital, please give the church office the same information.

We are on this journey together and communication is key.

Pastor Bill


What is the birthplace of John Wesley?




What is the birth date of John Wesley on current calendars?

May 24

June 17

June 28

July 5

What do we call the day John Wesley’s heart was “strangely warmed?”

Burning Heart Sunday

Warm Wesley Day

Strange Sunday

Aldersgate Day

How many hymns and poems did Charles Wesley






What new holiday was recognized at General Conference in 1912?

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

Memorial Day

Labor Day

Which is NOT a tip for good health from John Wesley?

Take cold baths

Go to bed at 9 p.m. and rise at 4 or 5 a.m.

Stand while reading and writing

Exercise to the point of weariness

Where does “united” come from in the denomination’s name?

It refers to the church’s roots in the United Kingdom

It is meant to encourage church members to stay together

It references the Evangelical United Brethren Church

The Christmas Conference took place in which city?

New York



At what public university did the first Wesley Foundation appear in 1913?

University of Virginia

Michigan State University

University of Illinois

University of North Carolina

Name two of Francis Asbury’s horses.

Peter and John

Seabiscuit and Hard Tack

Little Jane and Little Fox

You can get the answers to the Quiz from the Administrative Assistant. Call or email the church office.

Office Needs

The church office is not on the prayer phone chain.  Because of this, sometimes we miss information about members’ prayer requests or joys to share.

If you have a prayer request or know of one, please call (903-639-2131) or email, the church office. If you call after office hours, please leave a message on the voicemail.

This will help us to know when one of our church family has a special need.

Our after- Easter lessons, which started, April 20, will be focusing on the book of Acts and the Acts of the Apostles. Each week the youth will be challenged to do something that exhibits Christianity to show that Christian love is active and not simply a statement of beliefs. Last week they were challenged to give meaningful compliments to three people each day.  This week, the challenge will be to speak to someone about their Christian beliefs.


Lisa Moreland


Little Folk Youth Group

The group will continue to meet weekly. Currently the meetings are Tuesdays at 4:00 pm.

We will be doing some arts and crafts, singing, and a little eating. The age group is elementary and pre-elementary. Come share the joy and invite your friends. If you would like to come and help with arts and crafts or the singing, please feel free. We will also need people willing to help with refreshments.

Pastor Bill


When you return to church next Sunday, the Air Conditioner may be fixed.

 We are still evaluating bids for the carpet and painting for the sanctuary.

 The trustees are accepting written bids for Handicapped Restrooms in the church. Bids must be written or typed and turned in to one of the trustees or the church office.

 The trustees have been pleased with the level of lawn care that is being provided by our new yard man.

 On a personal note, I would like to thank the entire trustee committee. Each of you work together and keep thing running smoothly. I appreciate each and every one of you.

 Thank you Bill McKinney

Bible Study

Come one; come all to hear the word of God and to learn from it. There are two different classes, one at 10 am and one at 6 pm. We will complete the study of Matthew and begin the study of Psalms. Come join us on the journey through the Gospel as we discover the messages it has for us.

Μissions Committee

A special thanks to everyone who made the carnival luncheon a huge success. The carnival workers were very appreciative. Many are far from home, so they really enjoyed the food and fellowship. Thanks again to everyone who brought food or helped out.

The Missions Committee



I would like to say thank you to everyone that sold raffle tickets for my benefit.
I also want to thank each and everyone that purchased tickets.
The raffle was a great success. I will be able to have the next round of chemo that I need.  I deeply appreciate your support and prayers.God Bless each and every one of you.

                             Jeannie Stephens


Scripture Readings for May

May 7

Acts 2: 42 – 47

I Peter 2: 19 – 25

John 10: 1 – 10

May 14

Acts 7: 55 – 60

I Peter 2: 2 – 10

John 14: 1 – 14

May 21

Acts 17: 22 – 31

I Peter 3: 13 – 22

John 14: 15 – 21

May 28

Acts 1: 6 – 14

I Peter 4: 12 – 14;

5: 6 – 11

John 17: 1 – 11