August 2016


First United Methodist Church

Hughes Springs, Texas

Volume 8 August 2016

from the pastor

Time sure has flown by this month. It just seems like yesterday that we pulled into Hughes Springs to meet Mr. Billy Wayne McKinney to get the keys to the parsonage. Both churches have really made us feel at home and we are happy here.

This month I offer you four words: faith, hope, love and grace.

I have faith that there are great things ahead of us as we move forward together on our journey. There is such a great spirit here; a spirit of helping others and working together. I experienced it at the Men’s Breakfast. I saw it as our young people headed out on their mission trip. It was there as we packed up the shoeboxes. It was really there as the food pantry reached out to those in the community to offer help.

My hope is that the Spirit of God will continue to work through us and help us to find new ways to serve God by serving others. If your heart has been touched to see a new mission area, please be willing to share. I know I would like to see us work with the schools in the area.

I love the beginning we have had and that God has brought us together to do His work in His world. Seems the appointment system does really work.

May the grace of God surround us and uphold us as we continue this journey together. May we remember that all we have is a gift of God’s grace and return to Him what He first gave us.

God’s grace be with you,

Pastor Bill Laubenberg

Please Note:

We will be starting the nominations process soon and I need your help. If you are willing to serve or know someone you think should be included in the process, please send me an email at This will allow the committee to have a pool of people to choose from.

Thank you,

Pastor Bill.


We traveled 960 miles to the Rosebud Indian Reservation in Mission, SD to help repair/rebuild a home. We also helped to chop down trees and split and stack firewood for the Firewood for the Elders program. Along with these projects, some helped to organize a Bible sports and arts camp for the local children while some worked on painting and other odd jobs.

This time together with Sandra, John and Nicole Willis, Carson Moreland, Jimmy Purdon and Emily Martinez (Nita Clark’s granddaughter) was fulfilling and fun, but most of all, it brought us closer to God because serving others is our reason for being. When we serve others, we serve Christ and are obeying his command to love one another.

New Website announcement

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You will find the latest edition of the newsletter, thoughts from the pastor and a current calendar of events for the church. If you have an event scheduled and you do not see it on the calendar, call the church office to reserve the church for that date and time.

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Please remember to call the Church Secretary’s office to add or remove anyone from our prayer list that is printed each week.

Samaritan's Purse

Shoe Box Mission: Donations accepted. Please see or call Mavis Boyd for information: 903-588-0280


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Did you miss someone at church this month?

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call the office

If your organization or committee has an event to be held at or sponsored by the church, please call the secretary’s office at 903-639-2131, so it can be placed on the calendar, in the bulletin and in the newsletter.

This will help prevent double bookings at the church.

We will be glad to include a listing of your church meeting or activity in the newsletter, but remember that Debbie must have the information before the first of the month in order to have it in the newsletter.

bible study
Come one; come all to hear the word of God and to learn from it. Starting this month and continuing through the year, we will be having Bible studies each Wednesday. There will be two different classes, one at 10 am and one at 6 pm. Our first study it titled, “Heroes of Faith.” We will be looking at different Bible characters and see what they have to teach. The first meetings will happen on the 3rd of August.

food basket“The Mobile Food Pantry distribution on July 21, 2016, marked our one-year anniversary of the program.  It was a busy day for our volunteers.  Each year we are required to re-register and update the client information files.  This does add wait time for our clients, but fortunately it is only required annually.  Our volunteer participation was outstanding and this helped facilitate the renewal process.  In addition to the extra paperwork, we had a hot day but the volunteers worked tirelessly helping folks cross the street to the church and then load the food boxes in the client’s car.

We registered 17 new clients this month, which is the single most in any month since our initial start up in July 2016.  Our program seems to continue successfully made possible by the loving efforts of our volunteers from both HSFUMC and Coronet Methodist Church.  Thanks to our Lord for blessing our two churches, and may His divine hand guide us each month as we work with our community.”

Confirmation Organization

Sunday, August 28, immediately after church, there will be a Confirmation Organization meeting in the sanctuary.
Those who are Junior High age or above who have not had the opportunity to participate in a confirmation are invited to attend this meeting with your parents.

Scripture Readings for August

August 7

Isaiah 1: 1, 10 – 20
Psalm 50: 1, 10-20
Hebrews 11: 1-3, 8-16
Luke 12: 32-40

August 14

Isaiah 5: 1 – 7
Psalm 80: 1 – 2, 8 – 19
Hebrews 11: 29 – 12:2
Luke 12: 49 – 56

August 21

Jeremiah 1: 4 – 20
Psalm 71: 1 – 6
Hebrews 12: 18 – 29
Luke 13: 10 – 17

August 28

Jeremiah 2: 4 – 13
Psalm 81:1, 10 – 16
Hebrews 13: 1 – 8, 15 – 16
Luke 14: 1, 7 – 14