Posted by on Jul 24, 2018

Worship Committee

July 24, 2018

Gods blessings be with you.

This week we had a very positive, very productive worship committee meeting. We looked over the surveys that had been turned in and examined things we would like to try. Several changes were suggested and are being tried. At my request, I will no longer be doing the announcements. I made this request earlier in the week before the surveys had been brought together. This is the habit in most churches I have attended. The passing of the peace and holding hands during the closing benediction are going to be included in the service. We also looked at events to come. There will be a barbeque cook off at the end of October and a Christmas cookie event some time in December.

I wish to stop a rumor that I heard. AS with must rumors, there is little or no basis in fact. I heard that I was beat up or beat down in the worship committee meeting. Was someone at a different meeting than I was? This did not happen!!! I found the meeting affirming and positive. I do not know where this rumor started, but I want it to STOP now.

Are you ready for Ice Cream? After the service on Sunday we will be having our Homemade Ice Cream event together with a picnic style meal. Come join the fun. I will write more about this next week.

Remember to come and share the Lord’s Day together here at First United Methodist. If you are unable to attend, the service is streamed on our Facebook page, but we would love to see you here at service.