Posted by on May 2, 2018

May 2, 2018

Gods blessings be with you.

I truly enjoyed my first Wildflower Trail. Yes, I know I was here last year, but due to health issues was not able to take part in any events other than to sit on my porch and watch the parade.

The meal that our church serves to the carnival workers was a gigantic success. We served meals to 55 different individuals of all ages, young and old. We had the opportunity to meet people from different states through the country from those in Louisiana to Minnesota. We were able to give to these people who travel from place to place a good home cooked meal. From walking through the fair, I know it was much appreciated. I want to thank Robyn Shelton for organizing our efforts. I also want to thank our cooks for their efforts. You really showed what it means to love and serve God by loving and serving others.

Riding in the parade was a joyful experience. I am still learning about stretching my candy supply so that it lasts till the end of the parade route. It was fun to have our float come in third. That is not bad for our first time in the parade. There are many who gave of their time and effort to help make the float look as good as it did. You have my thanks and appreciation. Tina, your efforts to make sure we were ready helped give direction and focus, thank you. Cody, your efforts to make it happen helped make it a reality and helped the community know that we are indeed more than just that building on Taylor Street. To all those who rode on the float, both young and old, thank you for your time. When we first put the chairs on the float, over twenty of them, I wondered if we could fill them. It turned out we had more people than chairs. Thank you for giving your time.

The weather was good this year, although on Wednesday there was worry in some hearts. The rides and games were fun, even though Amy beat me twice at one of the carnival games. It was truly a fun time.

Remember to come and share the Lord’s Day together here at First United Methodist. If you are unable to attend, the service is streamed on our Facebook page, but we would love to see you here at service.