Posted by on Jul 24, 2017

Greetings in the name of the Lord.

It is good to be back home again. Although I really enjoyed seeing my son, his wife, and my grandchildren, I missed my bed. Anyone wanting to see pictures of the trip, just ask I have some on my phone, Dianna has some on hers and Amy has some on hers. We had a good time and it was fun meeting Brighton and Edith, the two grandchildren I had not ever met. We also took the opportunity to visit the U.S.S. Constitution, an old sailing ship of the US Navy.

It was good to get home and see our pets, who we missed greatly. They have settled back into the house and we are back to our routine. They did not seem too mad at us for leaving them.

One of the first things I got to take part in upon my return was the food pantry in its new form. Things went very well and we served 60 families. Thank you to Lyn Baker for all your work in helping to organize things so it went smoothly. Thank you also to all those who came and gave of their time to make everything happen. It looks like we will make the transition without much trouble.

I encourage you to be at church this Sunday for something old and something new time. There will be a potluck after service. This will be an old fashion pot luck where what is brought is what we eat. Remember to bring your singing voices as we will be doing a lot of singing.

May God’s love and grace be with you this week.

See you in church.