Posted by on Oct 11, 2016

October 11, 2016

Greetings in the Lord

This past weekend was a time of farewells. We said farewell to a long time member, Mary Joyce Welch. Her Lord called her home this weekend. I will miss her smiling face in the front row. Linda and Billy Wayne said goodbye for a time to Linda’s mother, Jamae Humphrey. She passed from this life to God’s loving arms this weekend as well. We pray God’s love on the families and remember that for a Christian death is not an ending, but a new beginning. Our loved ones wait for us in heaven and we shall be reunited with them.

We also said goodbye to Alice and Marilynn, as they have decided their path goes a different way from ours for now. They will be missed and should they decide that their path leads back to us, they will be welcomed back with open arms. May God’s blessings be upon them.

As we say farewell, we must also look forward. The Christmas season approaches and there is much to do. Also, do not forget the other two holidays fast approaching. Trunk or Treat will be on the 22nd; please bring your gifts of candy for that. Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday, at least in the stores, is ahead and with it we have time to reflect on the past year and give thanks to God for his blessings.

Tuesday, we are having our gathering for the care packages for our members who are away in college. Please bring cookies, candy, and other items. It is a time to let the 5 young people off at college know that they are missed and loved by their family at First United Methodist.

Have a blessed week.

Pastor Bill